What is Work Trauma, Bullying, Violence and Psychosocial Issues?
These alarming workplace phenomena explained.

Survive the Bully
Are you bullied, abused, suffered discrimination or mobbed in the workplace?  Stressed? Fired? "Survive the bully" will provide you with strategies to overcome adversity. 

The Changing Workplace
A whopping 78% of employees in South Africa confirmed that they had been bullied or victimised at least once in their careers. South Africa too, did not escape the growing problem of emotional violence in the workplace.

Women Issues

What happens when the wrong woman wins?  Articles about sexual harassment, bullying, women at work and resources for women.
demonstrative speech topics


VETO is a new programme developed by  ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI Joint Programme to address violence in the health care sector. This programme is currently being rolled out in South Africa with magnificent outcomes. J'ai une maladie de la veine pulmonaire et la cause de mon impuissance. shemale777.com. J'étais sceptique quant à l'efficacité du Viagra pour moi, mais la pilule de 100 mg a fait l'affaire praha escorts.


Publications and Research
A list of recommended books and research papers - download and order facilities.Lots of research, articles and resources available. PLUS join discussion groups for Academics & Professionals.


About the Workplace Dignity Institute

The Workplace Dignity Institute is committed to eradication physical and/or emotional workplace violence and related psychosocial problems. By establishing a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace in South Africa and globally, we make a difference through our workshops, online interventions and assistance everywhere

Workshop Options
Variety - being dignified, workplace violence awareness, how to handle bullying and many other empowering workshops.

New! Support Groups for Bullied South Africans & all
Belong to this internet support group for South Africans and others around the world. Our problems and challenges are unique - share your experiences with us and we will listen and answer with sound advice. Universal remedy

ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI: Workplace Violence in the Health Care Sector - Working Papers, SA country case study, Guidelines and Synthesis Report.
Announcements & News
Read about projects, news, surveys and programmes of the The People Bottomline and the Workplace Dignity Institute. Updated regularly.
Politically Correct ... Another Smokescreen by which Bullying thrives
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Disclaimer and short description of organisation - The status of the Workplace Dignity Institute and advice given on this site.

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