Welcome to 2006 with the South African Institute for Traumatic Stress!

2005 was a rewarding year for SAITS, with more than 240 students having been trained in trauma treatment at various levels, ranging from trauma support and early intervention, to advanced trauma treatment. As always, the courses offered an opportunity for practitioners from over 25 organizations to network and offer each other support.

2006 with SAITS will be even more enriching, as we once again invite you to join us and hone your trauma treatment skills on our introductory and advanced traumatic stress courses.

This year we will be holding the following courses and workshops:



Length of Course

Target Market

Certificate in Trauma Support and Early Intervention

6 Months - starting 3 April

Frontline workers and counselors

Certificate in Trauma Treatment: Advanced Level 1

6 Months - starting 10 April

Professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and experienced counselors

Trauma Education and Training

3 days  - 28, 29, 30 March

Lecturers and trainers in the field of Traumatic Stress.

Children and Traumatic Stress

2 days  - 21, 22 April


Towards an Understanding of Suicide

1 day - 19 May


Cognitive Therapy in Trauma Treatment

2 days  - 23, 24 June


Trauma and Self Care

2 days - 24, 25 July

Teachers and educators

Domestic Violence and Trauma

2 days - 11, 12 September

Frontline workers

HIV/AIDS and Trauma

2 days - 6, 7 November

Frontline workers


As always, we will still be holding our regular monthly seminars, as well as ongoing supervision and journal clubs for traumatic stress practitioners.


 "With such a high rate of psychosocial problems such as rape, HIV/AIDS and domestic violence in our country, the need for quality trauma services and trauma training is crucial. SAITS is the best organization to offer this training" Dr. Cyril Ramaphosa, SAITS Patron


Attached with this letter please find the details of the courses  and a preliminary application form .


For registration enquiries please contact Rina Lombard on 011-  648 7376 or e-mail [email protected]


   PS. We also offer in-house training and tailor-made, specialised courses for organisations.

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