Wellness Discussion Group
Professionals and Academics

This internet discussion group is mainly for academics and professionals and not open to the public. If you would like to belong to this group, your membership needs to be approved. This measure is important in keeping the debate of a high standard as many of our members are prominent international experts in the field of workplace violence and bullying and some are post-graduate students with the result that we maintain a high standard and open attitude in our discussions.


Criteria for membership:

(a)    It is very important that, if the potential member had been a victim of bullying, the person must have recovered from the ordeal and his/her interest should have shifted to academic or professional and to employee wellness in general, AND.

(b)    We encourage professionals, academics, students studying the phenomenon of workplace bullying or looking at employee wellness to belong to the group

(c)    Professional interest groups include apart from wellness professionals also lawyers, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, trade union officials, management position in business and dealing people problems in the workplace.

(d)    While we fully understand that members are busy from time to time, we do expect that our members will try to make contributions now and then because all contributions to debate, information are appreciated and welcomed. Therefore members are required to make at least three contributions during a 12-month period.


Please write to the Group Owner, Dr Susan Steinman, to be come a member  [email protected]


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