Integrated Health and Wellness

Treating People Problems as interrelated with TOTAL PEOPLE WELLNESS

The programme,  - Total People Wellness for the Enterprise (TPW) is the programme that is ahead of all other programmes in the field.  Combining Best Practices worldwide, this programme follows the high road to integrated employee health and Wellness by identifying and weighting 3 key areas of existence influencing the well-being of people at work.

Workplace violence, like any other people problems in the workplace is not about problem-people, but all the issues that impact on behaviour.  These issues could be organisational, related to the physical environment or workplace design, individual factors, the close community and other external factors and so on.  Other people problems like stress, communicable diseases, addictions and substance abuse, developmental factors etc would also impact on the levels of workplace violence. 

It makes good sense that Employee Assistance Program Professionals, Occupational Health and Safety specialists and HIV/AIDS professionals join hands and follow an integrated approach towards health and wellness.

Dr Susan Steinman for some time championed the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) programme, SOLVE, in South Africa but dropped this programme for various reasons. In stead, her adaptation of the ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI consortium's programme VETO (against V iolence at work, an E ducational, T raining, O perational toolkit) meet the requirements and is incorporated in the TPW programme.

Total People Wellness for the Enterprise (TPW) is simpler, better and more user-friendly and geared at EAP professionals. TPW integrates the different aspects of employee and organisational wellness with practical actioning and  monitoring. It is a real programme because training is not the focus, implementation is.

Interested?  Please write to Dr Susan Steinman by filling out this form or phone +2711664-7551 to make an appointment.


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