Retrenchment Dignity Programme

Session:  1 day
Intervention for retrenchees

The grieving process - what emotions to expect, the reaction of others, assessing and monitoring yourself. Sharing secrets.  Success stories of retrenchees

2 days
The Workeracy Programme
You are guaranteed to know what to do with your life after this two-day programme.  You will be inspired and even though going through a grieving process you will have the courage to go on with your newly defined career.
Groups of 100 for 2 days.

Half day
Preparing your family/friends to empower and support you
The family, friends and loved ones of the retrenchee needs to understand what he/she will be facing and how to best support them.

  1. Facilitating a session of family/friends (whomever the retrenchee elects) feelings about the retrenchment and how it would affect their loved ones.
  2. What to expect
  3. Do's and don'ts
  4. How you can empower and support your  husband/ father/friend find life after retrenchment

Special Needs Support
For individuals in need of the support of a traumatologist or clinical psychologist the necessary arrangements will be made.
1 hour sessions.

The Work Centre
Set up a centre with desks, computers, faxes, e-mail and two qualified HR persons to assist retrenchees who are seeking for positions to send letters, compile CV's and start a new life for six months .
6 months


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