Workplace Violence Awareness and Managing Workplace Violence and Stress Programmes

This is  3 day programme which can be tailored to one or two days to suit the organisation.  The client select the sessions that would be most beneficial to compile a programme and it can range from 4 hours to the full period, depending on the need of the client.

Session:  2,5 hours (excluding breaks)

Introduction:  the emerging problem of workplace violence
Worldwide interest and ten years of research.  What do we know about this thing called bullying or workplace violence.

Definitions and Causes
What is workplace violence, bullying and mobbing?  Why has it become important and what are the causes of this work trauma?    What are the organisational and individual factors constructing an abusive environment?  Personality factors - some typology.  The social "ecosystem"  Structural violence.  Interactive discussion.

Session:  1 hour (excluding breaks)

Corporate Culture and apportioning of blame
Helping or scapegoating the victim?:  how corporate culture influences the manner in which management and EAP deal with workplace violence.

Session:  5+ hours(excluding breaks)

Issues to be considered
A personality or management issue?  Video - discussion
The trauma of whistle blowing
Bullying techniques and emotional abuse, video, discussion
Physical violence - desensitisation of staff and the link between the levels of workplace violence and corruption.
Sexual harassment - awareness and some obstacles investigators may encounter.
Mobbing and Bullying Case Studies
A few real life case studies would be presented to the meeting.  Divide into groups to discuss the cases and prepare possible solutions and prevention.

Legally Speaking
The employer's responsibilities:  How the employer can assist victims of workplace violence - the law vs. moral responsibilities.

Session: 3 hours (excluding breaks)

Addressing the problem
The interrelationship between workplace violence and other psychosocial stressors in the workplace.
Taking action - on what levels, how?
Changing behaviour
Towards Magnificent Outcomes

Session:  3 hours

The victim's reaction
The high incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and stress-related illnesses.  Modern workplace ailments.

The victim and domestic violence
The victim may be further victimised by a spouse or become an abuser.  What to look for and what the employer can do.  The danger of bullycide.

The cost of workplace violence
The obvious costs like replacing trained staff members is just a fraction of the damage.  The price for a dysfunctional and hostile work environment is indeed very high.  The cost in human potential is even higher.


Another Program

Against V iolence at work
An E ducational
T raining
O perational Kit

to combat workplace violence in the health sector


A three-day workshop, based on the 2003 publication by the ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI Framework Guidelines to address workplace violence in the health sector, covering the following focus areas in the process:

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