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Work Trauma Discussion Group

This internet discussion group is mainly for academics and professionals and not open to the public. If you would like to belong to this group, your membership needs to be approved. This measure is important in keeping the debate of a high standard as many of our members are prominent international experts in the field of workplace violence and bullying and some are post-graduate students with the result that we maintain a high standard and open attitude in our discussions.

Criteria for membership:

It is important that, if the potential member had been a victim of bullying, the person must have completely overcome the ordeal and able to live a normal life and his/her interest should have shifted to academic or professional AND with the necessary insight and compassion for victims of bullying.  However, it could happen that any person in the group could become a victim or target of bullying and therefore it is important that all members are committed to confidentiality within the group and show compassion at all times. It is important for our members to feel secure and communicate freely in the group.

Academic credentials are important, but not the only or most important qualification for membership. We encourage post-graduate students studying the phenomenon of workplace bullying to belong to the group and therefore welcome that members have completed a university degree and have an eagerness to learn more about the topic.

Professional interest means that you are either a lawyer, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, trade union official, management position in business and dealing directly with the problem in the workplace.

While we fully understand that members are busy from time to time, we do expect that our members will try to make contributions now and then because all contributions to debate, information are appreciated and welcomed.

Please submit a short bio and also motivate in your e-mail your reasons for being interested in the subject matter, what contribution or knowledge you could bring to the group you and what you would like to gain through membership.

All e-mails must be directed to Dr Susan Steinman, the Group Owner: contact form

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