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Employee Wellness Discussion Group
You can belong to the Workplace Wellness discussion group set up for scholars, students and professionals dealing with employee wellness, psychosocial problems in the workplace, HR, industrial relations, HIV/AIDS and all issues related to the management of people in the workplace.
Research Papers
* ILO Report on Workplace Violence
* Workplace Bullying, a project by Andy Ellis, Ruskin College
* Dealing with bullying at work: the Norwegian lesson - Ståle Einarsen
* ILO warns about backlash on globalisation
and many more stimulating papers

* World labour warns against the woes of globalisation
* The effects of depression in the Workplace
* Studies find narcissists most aggressive when critised
* Workplace bullies flex their muscles
* Workplace violence greatest security threat to corporate America
more articles on workplace violence,
workplace harassment

Workplace Hyenas
Don't take SHIT from Hyenas in the Workplace by Dr Susan Steinman is the new book on the block and a must-read for everyone. Read about the book and how to order it.

Good Books
* Magnificent Outcomes. An account of the struggle and victory over workplace violence in the health sector by Dr Susan Steinman.
* People Wisdom in the Workplace
* Books of many more authors and where to get it.

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Publications by
Dr. Susan Steinman

Bullying Experts Hold Sioux City Seminar (KTIV Sioux City)
Bullying doesn't just happen on the playground. It's alive and well in the workplace, too.
NZ's Public Service Is Least Corrupt (
The PSA says a survey assessing the integrity of New Zealand's state sector workers confirms their ranking as the least corrupt in the world but does show the need to improve some aspects of workplace behaviour.
Don't take the bait of a workplace bully (Anchorage Daily News)
Have you recently tangled with a workplace bully? Who got flattened? If you found yourself the worse for wear after encountering the bully and want your next experience to end differently, you need to understand the bully personality and how to handle yourself when a bully steamrolls toward you.
Edwards Reflects on Campaign Deja Vu, Plight of the Middle Class (The Online NewsHour)
As part of an ongoing series of in-depth interviews with presidential candidates, former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C. explains his views on the Iraq war, the status of the middle class in America, and running for president for a second time.
New Sask. legislation includes work bullying (CNews)
SASKATOON - New legislation has come into effect in Saskatchewan to curb bullying and intimidation inside and outside the workplace. Saskatchewan Labour Minister David Forbes said Wednesday the government expanded the definition of the province's human rights code.
Saskatchewan's workplace bullying ban now in effect (CBC Saskatchewan)
Saskatchewan's new legislation banning bullying or harassment in the workplace is now in effect.
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