Workplace Bullying in South Africa

77,8% of South Africans say that experienced some form of victimisation during their careers. This was determined in an internet survey in 2000.  However, bullying is persistent, prolonged and happens over a period of time, it is humiliating, damaging, vindictive and cruel and can be overt or covert with a definite impact on the well-being if the victim. Sometimes people confuse conflict and bullying and this figure may not be reliable. However, new research indicates that workplace bullying is over 20% in the health sector. There is also a difference between the public and the private sector.   

The most frequently reported incidents of workplace bullying is:

What are the causes of workplace bullying?

According to the International Labour Organisation in Geneva there is an increased awareness of workplace bullying in industrialised countries and it is therefore better reported. In the UK, where there is great awareness of bullying, the figure is 53% having been victims of hostilities and 78% reported having witnessed bullying in the workplace.

Workplace bullying and stress have an impact on the bottom line.  Research world-wide indicate that 1.5 - 3.5% of a country's GDP is lost because of stress and bullying in the workplace.  Developing countries cannot afford such a loss.  Add to this the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, our programmes and interventions should aimed at PREVENTING workplace violence and bullying by putting policies, strategies and programmes in place.

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