About the Workplace Dignity Institute
(Reg. No. 041-544-NPO)

The Workplace Dignity Institute is committed to reduce or minimise physical and/or emotional workplace violence and interrelated people problems in the workplace resulting in work trauma, by establishing a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace in South Africa and internationally.

It is Workplace Dignity Institute's vision to have the right to dignity and respect in the workplace entrenched in the labour laws of South Africa specifically all countries in general and to see such protection applied with vigour, diligence and commitment.



         (a) The Institute's main objectives are:

1.      To promote and facilitate the Management of Dignity in the Workplace with all role-players

2.      To promote the responsibilities of the Right to Dignity at Work with all role-players.

3.      To ensure that supportive services and structures are available for the Victims to exercise their Right to Dignity at Work or to receive treatment to recover from an incident of infringement of (1) and (2) above.

(b) The Institute's secondary objectives are:

1.                  It is expected that the development of a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace would spill over to the community with the following benefits:

1.1              Reduce violence in the community;

1.2              Greater awareness and protection of the rights of society's more vulnerable members namely women and children;

1.3              Sensitivity about work-life integration and awareness for the dignity of the family;

1.4              The improvement of interpersonal relationships within the family and broader society;

1.5              Less stress when people go home and therefore more balanced and happy families.

2.                  Healthy and safe work environment

3.                  To promote good corporate governance and more transparency.

4.        To promote the principles of human rights and democracy in the workplace.


1. Membership:  There are two types of membership:

 1.1  Voting Members

1.1.1       Board Members:  Persons who accepted and invitation by the Founder, to be a member serving on the Board of the Institute with a right to vote on policies.

1.2      Non-voting Members
If a person wants to become a member of the Institute, she or he will have to can only be introduced through a member of the Institute and seconded by a second member. The Management Committee has the right to refuse.

1.2.1       Friends of the Workplace Dignity Institute:  Non-voting members who pay  an annual fee to receive a newsletter and any services and benefits the Institute may offer to the Friends of WDI.

1.2.2       Dignitas Associates - A non-voting membership of public and private  enterprises who endorse the Institute's principles for dignity in the workplace and receive membership benefits from the Institute at an annual subscription fee.

  To become a member please request a membership form from:
[email protected]

Board Members:  Dr Susan Steinman (Founder/Chair), Prof Andy Beke, Prof Anton Senekal, Ms Mathapelo Foster, Ms Premie Govender.



The Workplace Dignity Institute is affiliated to
 Civicus Alliance
Global Health Council

 Dr Susan Steinman is affiliated to
 EAPA(South Africa)
Institute of People Management(IPM)

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