South African Sites

· iafrica.com. "Woman Africa"
South Africa's largest internet portal site. Woman Africa offers fresh articles on women's workplace issues.
· http://www.cge.org.za/ South Africa's Commission for Gender Equality.
· http://womensnet.org.za/ A site with lots of information, resources and links for women on the move.
· South Africa Women's Organisations
... directions for subscribing to GENNET, and electronic discussion list about gender issues in South Africa, and links to women- and gender-related resources: www.euronet.nl/~fullmoon/womlist/ countries/southafrica.html
· The Wonder Woman Project
... What Men Can Do At Work And You Can't"; Women's Net A vibrant and innovative networking support programme. Provides support for women in academe: www.wits.ac.za/depts/cult/woman/links.html

International Sites

· Hispanics Latinas on the rise.
· ChinaVista a bilingual Chinese news and information site.
· FemiNet Asia information resource and database by Korea, Malaysia,Mongolia and China designed to improve the status of women through information technology by enhancing women's information skills and leadership; a database for material on Asian women and organizations which will form a connection for networking.
· IcaLatino Spanish-language Net service from Miami-based ISP Icanect with maps of Central and South America on which you can identify web sites in each country.
· International Professional Women's Association of Santiago, Chile (IPWA) is a registered non-profit organisation, consisting of English-speaking women who are interested in professional and personal development.
· MeetChina.com is a bilingual e-commerce gateway
· WomenAsia a business to business website for women in Asia and North America. Provides a directory through which women can offer their products and services to one another.
· Women's International Net a magazine about women, by women, for women, all over the world.
· Women's Own network website - Brisbane Australia
run by a group of prfoessional women offers free career and business counselling, information and resources to women.
· http://www.genderwatchers.org/home.htm is an international site, non-profit organisation with the interest of women and girls at heart.

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